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 One of Benji's Rants

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PostSubject: One of Benji's Rants   Sat Aug 18, 2007 11:09 pm

[rant] Friends suck. Why do we even have them? All they do is hurt us. All they do is put their problems on our shoulders and act like they think we're always gonna know how to help. How about we supposed to help them when we can't even help ourselves? Like my friend. I love him to death, but lately he's been making everyone feel like crap for no reason at all. Even his boyfriend. He won't talk to us and when he does, he finds something to complain about. I wish he'd stop. We're all worried. But if he keeps this up, in the end, he's not gonna have anyone. Then what happens? [/rant] Sad
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One of Benji's Rants
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