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 {Open} I don't even think big girls should go there alone

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PostSubject: {Open} I don't even think big girls should go there alone   Thu Sep 06, 2007 9:38 pm

Pairing: MxF
Status: Open
People: Mass or one x one
Genre: Human... general

"What's best for me? WHAT'S BEST FOR ME? You bring me to a whole new country, that's manky and dreary and you tell me YOU'RE TRYING TO DO WHAT'S BEST FOR ME?" The sixteen year old stood in front of her mother. Her eyes were blazing and her anger was going sky-high. There was once a time Gabby always got her way but when her mother and new british step father brought her to London, that time proved long gone. Things changed fast, as they had for Gabby.

When the idea of London was first brought up, she was all for it. That was probably because when it was first brought up, it was only in the idea of summer vacation. Then, all of a sudden, almost overnight, she was told that instead they would be moving there. She'd have to say by to her old friends, bye to her old house, bye to her old country. It was one thing to decide you wanted to take your new husband and your teenage daughter and jump state but a whole other thing to decided you want to take them and jump country. Why, London, England wasn't even on the same side of the world! Oh how much she missed her home in Pennyslvania. She had said good-bye to so much. Her best friend of twelve years, her boyfriend of two... Starting a whole new life in a whole new country wouldn't be easy. And it sure wasn't proving to be fun, either.

Gabby flicked her dark eyes from her mother to Ben, the man she called step-father. The both of them looked shocked and dissapointed at her sudden outburst. After all, each of them loved their new life in London, England. Of course, it was easy for Ben. He was from that crappy place. He was used to the manky weather. He had smelled that horrid smoke. How could he not be happy? He loved that place. And, of course, her mother would be happy if he was happy. They were like teenagers in love and it made Gabby sick to her stomache. Why, they were worse than even she and Chris had been. They were worse than those teenagers in those sappy chick flicks they showed in cinemas. They made her want to barf.

"Gabby, please lower your voice." Ben pleaded, giving her a begging look. "You don't want to wake the neighbors. It's late and we've only been here a month. And you know what they say about first impressions. Yes, England may be manky. And yes, it may also be dreary. But once you get used to it, you'll grow to love it. Just like everyone else does."

Gabby could've slapped him. How could he tell her what she'd grow to love? How the hell would he know? It was easy for an Englishman to say you'd grow to love England. After all, that is where he was from. But, when you tell an American who was homesick that she'd grow to love it, you were walking on landmines. "How do you know I'll grow to love it?" she demanded, staring at him with hard, cold eyes. "You grew up here and obviously there was something you loved about it because you wanted to come back so DAMNED much. So, you of all people should know exactly how I feel. You just TORE me from the place I LIKE to call home and forced me to live in the FUCKING UK. A place where I know nothing about and where I know nobody. I've been lonely this past month. I made ONE friend. ONE. This is by-far the WORST summer of my life. And all you can come up with is I'll grow to love it? Doesn't sound too promising to me. I want out of here. I want to go back home where Lisa is. I want to go back home where Chris is. I want to go back home." Tears were beginning to form in her eyes but she bit them back. She couldn't cry. She wouldn't. Not in front of an asshole like Ben.

"Gabby, we want you to be happy, but we also want ourselves to be happy. Please, understand." Her mother pleaded, giving her that lost expression that really bought out those damned baby blue eyes. Gabby scowled. It wasn't going to work. Not this time.

"Oh, pity." she spat. "It's always about you isn't it? Always. I broke my leg and you had to rush me to the hospital and what did you do the entire time? PUT ME ON A GUILT TRIP FOR WASTING YOUR GAS! My dog died when I was eight and what did you do? TELL ME IT WAS ABOUT TIME I FOUND REAL FRIENDS ANYWAY!! AND YOU WERE SICK OF THAT MUTT!!! It's always about your happiness. I used to think you actually cared. I used to think you were better than dad. But, right now, I'd rather have his drunkeness over your selfishness any day!!! I want to live with dad. Where's his number?"

"Gabby! You are NOT going to live with your dad." Her mother snapped. "I forbid it." Anyone who knew Gabby's father would understand why her mother wanted to protect her only child so much from him. Not only was he a drunk, but he had anger problems. Many times when they were together, her mother tried so hard to talk him into anger managment. Nothing worked. Not a damn thing. That's what led to their splitting up. And for Gabby to say she'd rather be there, with him, than London with her mom, really hurt. "Besides, he's a truck driver now. Do you really think he has time for a daughter?"

Gabby grunted and gave her a look of sarcasm. Daring her to speak again with only her eyes. "You're rich now. Do you really think you have time for a daughter? You know what I think, mum? I don't think you love Ben. I think you're using him. I think you're a filthy gold digger. How old is he? Fifty? You're only thirty-two. How old will he die? How old will you be? It all makes sense now. You wait for him to die, you become a millionaire. Hmmm... where do I come in in all of this? Did you forget about your daughter somewhere along the way? It sure as fuck seems that way! You know what, I don't have to take this. It doesn't even matter any more. I really don't have to take this. So, I'm not going to. I'm leaving. I'll be out of your lives for good. I know that's what you want anyway."

Gabby left, letting the door slam loud behind her. She didn't run, though. She walked slowly. And that only hurt her more because neither of them came out to stop her. That's when she cried. That's when the rain started to fall. Her tears only got lost in the puddles. But all of that was okay. She'd find a way to make it on her own. After all, she remembered Briers offer. If she ever wanted to run away, they'd do it together. And she knew she could trust him. He was gay and a total sweetheart. She knew she could do this. If only she tried.
Gabby pounded on Briers door. She could only hope his parents weren't home. They weren't the nicest of people, after all. And if his father was home, God knows what would happen. She was terrified of him. The last time she'd made a visit to Brier's, the way he looked at her wasn't too inviting. The way he watched her walk... the way everytime she was around his eyes went directly to her young and firm breasts. Brier didn't speak much about his father, but Gabby knew he was no good. Scum as she often said.

Her small fist knocked louder. She could hear someone trip not far from the door. Whoever it was hit the floor and they hit the floor hard. That frightened her. What was going on in there? She often wondered that about Brier's family. One could never tell. Finally, after ten minutes, the door was pulled open by Brier himself. His right eye was dark blue and his lip was busted open. He gave her a small smile and stepped outside. "What is it?" he asked, his accent rolling of his tongue. She gave him a small smile.

"I'm ready." she announced. "Let's leave. Let's get as far from here as possible. I don't know where we'll go. Maybe Manchester, Blackpool, Liverpool... anywhere but here. We both have more than enough reason... we both want it... so, let's do it. I don't know how we'll survive... or for that matter, if we even will... but we'll find a way."

Brier stared at her as if in a trance. He'd never expected she'd actually take up the offer and in all honesty, neither did she. But that's what she was doing. That was why she was there. She was sure she could do this. She was certain. "But what about money?" he asked, still a bit confused. She shrugged. "You know money ain't a problem in my family." she teased and pulled out the billfold from her pocket. "And Ben has so many pounds of this shit... it ain't funny. This is enough to get us through... three? four? months."

Brier smiled. "Well, neither of my parents are home. And you obviously don't have any clothes. Since we wear the same size, do you want to borrow some of mine?" Gabby grinned and gave him a small nod. The two of them stepped inside the small place. She looked around, cringing from how trapped she suddenly felt. Brier was her first... not wealthy... friend she'd ever had. And she was still trying to adjust to that fact. As shallow as it made her seem.

"I'll just grab my rucksack... and... you think four outfits will work? One for each of us?" She nodded and he ran to his room to do just that. Gabby simply sat on the couch and waited. When he finally showed back up, the bag slung over one shoulder, she was more than happy to be leaving. "We'll grab some food from... somewhere... but, either way, we're out of here. Ready?"

She nodded. "More than." Gabby stood up and made her way to the door, pulling it open for the both of them. She stepped out first and was followed by Brier who didn't even bother to lock the door. "Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked, giving her a sympathetic look. She sighed. "Yes, I'm more than sure." He smiled, pleased at her answer. "Good. Then, let's go." And then they were runaways. Both uncertain of the hell they were about to get themselves into.

OOC; not all my posts will be chapters long. >_> But like I said, this is more advanced.
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PostSubject: Re: {Open} I don't even think big girls should go there alone   Fri Sep 07, 2007 9:19 pm

that was good.

Thanks to Dreamy over on Soap Talk

Thanks to Carson Fan Always over on Soap Talk
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PostSubject: Re: {Open} I don't even think big girls should go there alone   Sat Sep 08, 2007 10:12 pm

OOC: Teehee... thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: {Open} I don't even think big girls should go there alone   

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{Open} I don't even think big girls should go there alone
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